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The Jewel In The Crown

by Wendy Sy Photographed by DK Photoimaging Inc.
Wednesday, March 15, 2017
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“It’s always chic when you have a piece of jewelry with movement, I find. It looks fun and intriguing,” says HRH Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, while holding one of his designs, the Lazy ring. As a square emerald-cut 45-carat rock crystal with a diamond center mounted in 18k white gold, the piece is designed to lie on the hand and roll around, ideal for catching glimpses of light.

The Lazy ring is one of the styles featured in Prince Dimitri’s boutique collection from his decade-old namesake company, where he serves as president and creative director. The boutique collection features the same quality work that has defined Prince Dimitri, but the pieces are sold at more a affordable price points, retailing from $150 to $25,000. They range in color and include rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and cufflinks.

Prince Dimitri’s Midtown East apartment is filled with collectible wall art and objects sourced from around the world. Trays upon trays of gems sit on the living room coffee table, across from the desk where he sketches designs. As a descendant of Catherine the Great, Louis XIV, Charlemagne and the Medicis, not to mention the Greek, Danish, Italian, Belgian and Yugoslav royal families, Prince Dimitri grew up in Versailles, surrounded by jewels. “My mother and grandmother had fantastic jewelry. I was always very attracted to it,” he says. “It was almost a chemistry between me and stones.” Prior to his current post, Prince Dimitri served as senior vice president of jewelry at Sotheby’s, then head of jewelry at the Phillips, de Pury & Luxembourg auction house.

Picking up a pair of turquoise and cabochon sapphire cufflinks mounted in 20k yellow gold with a link shaped as the Knot of Savoy, he says, “This is the symbol representing true love, which binds you but doesn’t constrain you.” Similar to a figure eight, the design is also a nod to its origin, created in the 13th century and used mainly in Italian heraldry.

Other notable pieces in the boutique collection include 18k gold paisley sautoir necklaces as well as unisex leather bracelets entwined with small-pebbled gems such as lapis lazuli and 18k gold.

As for what Prince Dimitri hopes each wearer will take away while wearing the pieces? “Good energy,” he says. “And lots of compliments.” 


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