The Kids Are Just Right

by Barbara Hodes and NYC Private Shopping Tour Photographed by Barbara Hodes
Monday, January 7, 2019

The world of fashion is populated by tribes. You know them: athleisure, street style, boho, glam and many more. These tribes aren’t exclusive to adults, especially in a city like New York. Ever look at today’s kid influencers and their packs of followers? With a slew of children’s stores with a point of view around town, children and ‘tweens can now make their own fashion statements. Whether your kids are making their own choices or you are buying or looking for gifts, you’ll shop forever young at these great boutiques.


Party dresses at Everafter NYC

Girls dresses at Everafter NYC

Everafter has everyone covered from day to night. The store was conceived as a curated style community by Haro and Sari Sloane Keledjian, who brought their taste and contacts from their previous venture, Intermix.  Everafter mixes labels and looks with the same aplomb. The store is full of cool clothes for ages 4 to 14Y. Girl’s dresses stand out.

                                                                        Girls spring outfits and swim suits at Everafter NYC

                                                                        Shopping in NYC. Cool rock tees for kids in NYC

Casual kids wear is featured as well. Denim and tees and tops, swimwear, and more. Indulge in labelmania:  Milly, Chloe, Stella McCartney, 7 For All Mankind and other brands you love size down their signature styles. The perfect backpack is here, too, of course. Not to mention hats, toys and shoes.

Shop for luxury brands for your kids in  NY. Moncler Puffer

Best kids shopping in NYC. Coats and jackets with style.

Jackets are the finishing touch. Moncler and Yves Salomon are among the labels making super-cool puffers, coats and even moto jackets. Sweet or tough, Everafter has the kids covered.

Boys clothing at Everafter in NYC. Puffers and denim.

Shop for cool sneakers and backpacks for kids in NYC.

Boys have a huge choice too, in denim, tees, coats, puffers and a slew of accessories. Streetwear is represented by Billionaire Boys Club and Adidas, among others. Take your pick of sneaker brands, for boys and girls. And don’t forget the Birkenstocks.

                                                                        Shop at Everafter NYC and find kids street wear and lots of bling.

It’s all about the mix as the message here, as you would expect. Sleek, chill and chic.

Everafter: 1121 Madison Ave or at 349 Greenwich St. in Tribeca.

Shop for cool suits for boys in Soho.

Shop for Boho clothing for girls at Trico Field in Soho

Trico Field, located in Soho, has a more relaxed contemporary and funky vibe. You will find three popular Japanese brands exclusive to the store. Suits for boys, of course, but deconstructed in a manner only the Japanese do so well. Girls can pick from a vintage Boho vibe for dress up or dress down. There is an area for babies, and kids sizing goes up to 12-14Y.

Shopping for cool denim jackets for kids in NYC.



Best shopping for babies and tweens in Soho NYC.

Japanese fabrics and craftsmanship, whimsy and point of view all contribute to the unique offerings in the store. Whether printed, distressed, or reworked, they’re wonderful. Jackets, skirts, sweaters and dresses are unique. The baby selection is in a softer color palette, and well-edited. The selection is aimed at outfit building, as well as adding a special piece or two to an existing wardrobe.

Shopping for hip outerwear for kids in NYC at Soho.

Shopping for cool clothes for kids with  Snoopy images.

Cool casual layering for urban kids defines the look. Sophisticated, yet laid back. The Snoopy collab and NYC-centric tees are winners. Denim pieces from are of the moment, and innovative. working and reworking the beloved fabric in unusual ways.

Best shopping for kids in NYC. Find clever tees and shorts.

Hipster clothing for kids in NYC boutique.

The clothing can lean towards unisex, and can span the seasons. Swim trunks, shorts and bathing suits are on offer as well as coats and lined denim. Tees make a statement with good humor and without trying too hard.

Shop in a cool boutique in Soho y=that has clothes for Mothers too.                                                                                                                

Trico Field also produces a line of clothing for women that is spun off of the children’s collection. So this is a place to get your fix of downtown chic no matter what your age.

Trico Field: 330 West Broadway.

Shop for your kids in a creative boutique in Nolita in NYC.



Shop for fun boys clothing in Nolita NCY.

Little Moony, located in Nolita, offers a bright selection of clothing, accessories and toys for boys and girls. The line and store are a family affair. Thuy Diep brought skills honed as a designer of women’s clothing to world of children’s wear. Her LA-based Mama Xit is a master tailor, and produces the clothes Thuy dreams up. Sized from preemie to 6-7Y. Thuy specializes in hand-crafted clothing featuring un-baby-like prints and using eco-friendly fabrics.

Little Moony is a boutique in NYC with creative clothing for babies and kids.

Shopping for pink girls clothing and unicorns in NYC in Nolita.

Little Moony clothes are always special, and never boring. Thuy and her husband bring in curated independent brands to round out their clothing offerings. A wide range of onesies are on hand for your littlest ones. Dresses, tees, sweaters, pants and other outfit builders offer season-less style in a range of sizes.

Shop for cool childrens clothes in unusual prints at Little Mooney in NYC.

Shopping for cute kids clothes and unicorns in NYC.

The clothes are adorable and are accented by a treasure trove of fun accessories that will make kids smile. Bags, hats, sunglasses and even kiddie umbrellas spice up the looks. Details are all carefully thought out.

Find lots of cool gifts at Little Moony Boutique in Nolita.

Shop in NYC at a boutique with cool girls handbags.

Little Moony specializes in creative toys and books. Grandmothers and Aunties or Uncles, or just friends can find plenty to gift here. Unicorns, books on unicorns, snow globes, jack in the boxes, New York-centric stuff, a plethora of stuffed animals, and creative toys fill the boutique. Wherever you look, something unique is looking back at you.

Shopping for cool and unusual toys at a cool boutique in Nolita.

Creative and sweetly sophisticated, the store is a children’s lifestyle paradise. If you want fun and one of a kind items, this is the place for you and your children.

Little Moony: 230 Mulberry St.


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by Barbara Hodes and NYC Private Shopping TourPhotographed by Barbara Hodes and Joel Schildhorn/BFA