The Kind of Acne You Want

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Acne is everywhere, but luckily this isn’t the kind that calls for a new skin care regimen. Swedish-based luxury brand Acne Studios has opened a new flagship store on Madison Avenue in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. It’s Acne’s largest store yet.

The 230 square meter space is on the corner of East 74th Street, a block away from the Met Breuer building. The store, already open, is the latest step in Acne’s global expansion drive.

The store’s design is striking; it’s the first and only Acne store to feature gold as its signature tone. Other interior details include metal interior walls and  electrostatically gilded aluminum fittings . The black and asphalt floor and structural pillars are dotted with semi-precious colored stones. Entirely wrapped in glass to allow interior visibility, the store is a gallery-like space.

“For me it was important to elevate the store design into something more spectacular since the location demands it in a way. And, therefore, I went for gold. Classic, but still in the universe of Acne Studios, it’s like a local store on a global stage,” said Jonny Johansson, the brand’s found and creative director.

Max Lamb, Acne’s long-term interior designer, furniture creator and collaborator, has created new bronze furniture around his polycarbonate concept for the store, including a desk, bench and stools. Lamb also collaborated with Acne Studios to create custom rugs that sit like islands throughout the store. Yarns of different weights were hand-dyed in Lamb’s studio in London, before being tufted at Kasthall in Sweden. There, the tufter used each cone of yarn until it was finished, allowing chance to dictate the pattern.

The full lighting surface ceiling creates a homogeneous light throughout the store. A golden aluminum partition divides the space between the public front and the private back area, which will house women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, denim, bags and accessories.

Visit Acne’s website at


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