The New Breed of Socialite: Alexa Chung

Thursday, December 2, 2010

It’s the dawn of the new socialite, and British beauty Alexa Chung has captured the throne this year. Gone are the days when having hundreds of photographs of yourself online—some in borrowed Cinderella-like designer frocks—and your name on dozens of charity invites were enough to keep you on top of Manhattan’s social ladder. Today’s “It-Girl” has to put more than just a pretty face on the ubiquitous step and repeat.

Born to an English-Chinese father and British mother, Chung was everywhere this year, from DJing Karl Lagerfeld’s super private star-studded Chanel dinner to becoming a contributing editor at British Vogue. Scouted to model at 16, Chung has been an MTV host, the 2009 face of DKNY Jeans and is now jetting between New York and London where she is shooting Frock Me for Channel 4.

Chung, who hangs out with everyone from rock stars to fellow it-chicks like Tennessee Thomas, is the new breed of socialite—she not only looks great, but she actually, really works! Her effortless casual-cool boyish style (trademark striped tee-shirts and cut-off jeans) is already being copied everywhere—with her own line at Madewell—but the socialite of the year is wary of being the next big thing.

“There’s not much to being an It-Girl,” she has moaned. “It’s really quite a depressing title to hold.”

But a socialite who DJs, stars on T.V., models and has amazing fashion sense—that is one title every girl in New York is craving.

For more Alexa Chung and other Most Talked About People of 2010, check out the December issue of Avenue.


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