The Rebirth of the Copacabana (cue Barry Manilow theme song)

by AVENUE insider Photographed by The (new) Copacabana
Monday, June 27, 2011
The (new) Copacabana

The Copacabana is re-opening in Times Square tomorrow night after the West 34th location was forced to close down when the city expanded the 7 subway line.

The legendary hot-spot where Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis got their start and is the oldest club in New York, is looking very 2011. Check out the rendering of the rooftop area – much different from when Martin Scorsese filmed his famous Copa scene in “Good Fellas.” But the new Copa will still have some old-school traditions: the Copa dancers will be there shaking their thang.

“At the Copa…Copacabana, music and laughter…”


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