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The Secret Auctions for Pets

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

On February 23, the largest non-profit veterinary hospital known as the NYC Animal Medical Center strayed far from home and came to Wellington, Florida welcomed by Elizabeth Monaco McCarthy and Neil McCarthy. The couple graciously opened their home to host a silent auction to raise funds for the Animal Medical Center’s Community Funds, which would help financially assist owners who need to support healthy animals. The prominent and generous guests came together to assist the medical center’s 100 veterinarians who are providing excellent medical care to pets and they collaborate with the humans that love them. Together, they celebrated the motivated veterinarians for their extensive and exquisite animal medical care along with their stellar research that has profoundly impacted their ability to properly tend to all their four-legged patients.

The CEO of Animal Medical Center, Kathryn Coyne welcomed the guests as she briefly addressed the crowd and introduced the three staff doctors in attendance: Dr. Jennifer Prittie, Head of the Emergency and Critical Care Service; Dr. Chad West, Head of the Neurology Service; and Dr. Mark Macina, Head of Dermatology. The wonderful prizes that were auctioned off included a beautiful Barbara Parker bracelet, a Steven Gambrel lacquer tray along with a signed copy of his newly published book titled Steven Gambrel: Time and Place, and an Equiline bridle for any horse lovers.

Among the guests: Georgina Bloomberg, Emilia Krimendahl, Glen Senk and Keith Johnson, Steven Gambrel and James G. Anderson, Patty Raynes, Alex Hamer, Gretchen Hunt, the Moulton’s and the Shaughnessy’s.


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