The View from the AVENUE, part 1

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
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From the pages of AVENUE’s April issue…

One thing all New Yorkers can agree on is that our city is the center of the universe. So when it comes to the old N.Y.C. versus L.A. debate, there’s really no argument at all—except when it comes to Hollywood. New York has been exporting some of the biggest names in television and film to Tinseltown for generations. In fact, the current running east to west and back again across the country is so strong, it’s formed a New York-Hollywood axis. Here, some of the bold-faced names that have made the pilgrimage.

Woody Allen now lives on a block south of Carnegie Hill where he shot scenes for Annie Hall more than 30 years ago.

Early in her career, Jennifer Aniston worked as a bicycle messenger while performing in several off-Broadway productions.

Chevy Chase was a long-time class clown and expelled from private schools like Dalton.

Humphrey Bogart went to Trinity School and grew up at 245 W. 103rd Street, which is now public housing. In 2006, the stretch of 103rd Street between West End Avenue and Broadway was renamed “Humphrey Bogart Place.”



Stockard Channing appeared on “Sesame Street” several times even as she made her big screen debut with one line in Arthur Hiller’s creepy The Hospital starring George C. Scott.


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