The Waverly Inn Becomes George on Jane for HBO’s “Bored to Death”

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tuesday night, The Waverly Inn became George on Jane, character George Christopher’s restaurant in the HBO series Bored to Death. When we last left George, he had, in a very Graydon Carter-esque fashion, quit his position as a magazine editor to open George-on-Jane. The transformation, lasting this week only, confused many of their regular patrons- I was approached by a driver outside asking, “Is this still

the Waverly Inn?”

The partygoers, however, weren’t complaining. Inside, Ted Danson,

Jason Schwartzman, Oliver Platt, and Jonathan Ames
toasted the start

of the third season, with specialty cocktails named for each main

character- the George, a special dirty martini, is especially fitting

for the character smooth womanizer who, underneath it all, according

to Ames, “just wants to find love.”

We noshed on crab cakes while creator and contributor Jonathan Ames

discussed his inspiration for the characters and what real-life

locations inspire story lines. A native New Yorker, I can appreciate

that most of the show is filmed on location around the city, primarily

in Ames’s Brooklyn neighborhood. “It’s sort of fun that some of the

things that were planted in the first season come to fruition in the

third season,” he explained. Whatever happened to Ray’s sperm, which

he unwittingly gave to a black market donor service targeting Park

Slope lesbians? Spoiler alert! He’ll face his baby in season three.

The intimate gathering was nonetheless boisterous. One word that was

being thrown around a lot: perverse. “That word does seem to keep

coming up, and I don’t know what we have to say about that,” joked

Oliver Platt. “The currency of acting well in front of the camera is

relaxation. Our job is to sort of forget who we are, and let our pants

down, and it happens very quickly with these people. Metaphorically!”

The cast’s creative dynamics and hilarious chemistry was undeniable

even off set. Everyone enjoyed themselves and let loose, which was

expected considering the company. “I feel so bombarded with man love

right now!” Platt quipped before he addressed the group.


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