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Friday, October 30, 2015

Though it’s a fairly recent addition, AVENUE’s back page questionnaire inspired by Marcel Proust’s has become something of an institution at the magazine. Since its inception in 2009, the AVENUE editors have interviewed over 60 New York notables, quizzing them on everything from their favorite city memory to the coolest thing in their apartment. Though the questions are as wide and varied as our subjects, one in particular is always asked: What do you want to be when you grow up? Here, we compiled some of our favorite answers, each one completely representative of their speaker.

“Very, very tan” –Chris Benz

“A grandmother, with grandchildren in New York City” –Amy Fine Collins

“A Victoria’s Secret model” –Ali Wentworth

“Thin” –Richard Mishaan

“My mother. My mother knows Coco Chanel” –Eloise

“A Broadway star” –Emilia Fanjul

“Without regret” –John Barrett

“25 years old again” –Dan Klores

“A famous artist” –Ross Bleckner

“Happy, secure, and open to new learning experiences” –Fern Mallis

“Sillier and more outspoken” –Joy Behar

“I’m there” –Nate Berkus

“A designer” –Vera Wang

“I’d like to be young again so I could do it all over again” –Terry Allen Kramer

“Exactly who I am” –Lady Tina Green

“Young!” –Miles Redd

“Young and beautiful and me!” –Hunt Slonem

“A god without an Achilles heel” –Donald Sultan

“Not planning on growing up anytime soon” –Delphine Krakoff

“A cowboy, of course” –Waris Ahluwalia

“A dedicated kayaker” –Craig Robbins

“America’s most famous potter, of course!” –Jonathan Adler

“A farmer, to return to my roots” –Daniel Boulud

“Patient” –Janie Bryant

“Hopefully, I never will” –Simon De Pury

“A good parent” –Elie Tahari

“I would prefer not to” –David Salle

“Do I look like someone who is going to grow up any time soon?” —Peter Marino

“French” –Judy Price

“Diana Vreeland” –Sigourney Weaver

“Mrs. Anderson Cooper. But I don’t think that’s going to happen” –Joan Rivers

“A farmer with dreadlocks, with a sexy wife and some beautiful kids” –Sam Talbot

“An old man with happy memories” –Andrew Bolton

“I’m still trying to figure that out: the mayor or a football coach” –Scott Sartiano

“A backup singer” –Bonnie Munshin

“A little boy” –Chris Burch

“Too late for me, my dear…I already did” –Manolo Blahnik




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