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Unwinding in Anguilla

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Trent Fraser, vice president of Dom Pérignon, shows us Anguilla

Best day ever

Usually you wake up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee and something stunning coming from the kitchen, so breakfast on the cliff patio over looking the water is mandatory. Some like to chill poolside; I like to either play tennis or pop down to the private beach, as there is amazing snorkeling to be done. The Ani team offer a great beach BBQ experience at one of the 30-plus beaches; Meads Beach is the pickit’s absolutely gorgeous. I love either to be in the ocean or be on it, so paddleboarding is a personal favorite of mine in the afternoon.


Living in NYC, I search for the antithesis of my residential city and love to escape to the beach or wild and remote places. Earlier this year we surprised our friend with a decadent 50th birthday trip to Anguilla. The island is absolutely stunning and relaxed with some of the greatest water I have ever seenand coming from an Aussie, that is a BIG compliment.

Privacy please

We stayed at Ani Villas. It’s basically a new class of high-end luxury travel that is private and secluded. It has it all, including private beach, butlers, incredible gourmet meals, endless activities and of course great cocktails and Champagne. Chef Kelston “Sweets” Connor is outstanding, specializing in fresh and locally caught fish, but he also experiments with a combination of cuisines and flavors. They basically are in the business of spoiling their customers to the fullest!

Go here, do this

I highly recommend going for a cocktail at the Viceroy at sundown. For some local late-night fun and dancing, hit the Pumphouse, as they have great local live bands. You can also rent a yacht for the day and feel like Tom Hanks in Cast Away, visiting tiny local deserted beaches and islands. 

Favorite global find

When I was 19 I backpacked around Africa for three months and bought my mum this huge 25-pound wooden elephant. Unwisely, I carried this carving on my back for months, but it was worth every bit of the hardship endured. 😉

Travel as fuel

For me travel is one of greatest pleasures to either decompress and/or discover. Usually it is to recharge the batteries, escape with friends or discover a whole new place and experience. There is a misconception that Champagne does not pair well with food, but that is absolutely not true. Quite often I am inspired by cuisine and cultures, so being able to enjoy a Ferran Adrià dish and Dom Pérignon moment in Barcelona (or even a mole and Dom Pérignon pairing in Mexico) opens my eyes to the fact there are no limits and fun to push the boundaries.

I can’t travel without . . .

Running shoes and iPhone



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