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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Good-bye Leather

It is possible to be exotic and eco-friendly: just ask luxury handbag and accessory designers Heidi Carneau and Adèle Taylor. Worried about the increasing concerns over the global leather market, these London-based designers began constructing their accessories out of eel skin and salmon leather, instead of traditional reptile and mammal skins, which are much more endangered. Passionate about quality and craftsmanship and dedicated to upholding the values of ethical trading, these two longtime friends have tapped a glamorous and innovative product and created a beautiful collection that includes everything from shoulder bags, purses, clutches and smaller accessories like wallets and key rings in a variety of colors.

New York’s Best Walk-in Closet

New York: the city of infinite possibility, millions of people and zero closet space. It’s the same story season after season: you have nowhere to put your winter clothes during the summer, so you find your couture wrinkled, your furs dusty and your accessories in bad shape after months in a storage unit not designed to protect your

investments (that one-of-a-kind vintage shawl). That is where Garde Robe® comes in. It is the world’s first luxury wardrobe storage, valet and Cyber Closet® service. Among the many services they provide is the archival and museum-quality preservation of clothes and accessories, offering pickup, packing and single-day and rush delivery. Also included in the service is a Cyber Closet, an online archive of all the items stored, with photographs and descriptions, so you can remember which of your clothes are at Garde Robe. And you don’t need to worry about airing

your dirty laundry: the staff is incredibly discreet about their service and their clients, although we have learned both Iman and Ivanka Trump store their couture there.

The Student Becomes the Master

Philippe Anthonioz has designed a limited-edition collection of lighting pieces now available exclusively at Ralph Pucci International. The French sculptor, who worked with master artist Diego Giacometti on his commission for the Musée Picasso in Paris, has brought some of his old teacher’s infl uence into this collection, particularly the almost primitive-looking style and finger marked bronze and plaster.


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