Where the Best Boys Are

by Debbie Bancroft Photographed by Stephen Smith/Guest of a Guest
Tuesday, November 7, 2017
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The Annual Boy’s Club of New York Fall Dance is one of the rare events on the current black tie calendar where the crowd is collegial and familiar and there is nary a publicist or over-publicized soul present.

That said, the celebrated fashion designer Dennis Basso, serving as the Boy’s Club’s partner for the night, was everywhere—his touch evident in the glittering palm fronds, flickering candles, the table of his chic, gent posse and of course the dresses, gracing the lithe backs of the Co-Chairs Danielle Ganek, Ritchey Howe, Kathy Thomas and Caryn Zucker and guests Caroline Dean, Kitty Sherrill, Jamee Gregory, Nina Griscom, Ros L’Esperance, Mary Snow, Kathryn Tyree, Bettina Zilkha and Ashley McDermott.

The dance was different this 69th year in several exceptional ways. There were only two succinct but pithy speeches, by Women’s Board Chair, Ritchey Howe, and Basso. And instead of the boys of the club attending (‘We let them do what they are supposed to do–going to the BCNY and doing homework.’ Ritchey explained) guests watched a short video that showed the boys participating in the Club’s programs–cooking, sports, music, and learning homework skills.

The crowd was an impressive mix of ages. Said Ritchey:”We filled a number of young tables and are thrilled to be attracting the next generation, so that friends in all decades are represented. Boy’s Club is, after all, like a family. That’s what makes the Women’s Board so wonderful –the great mix of all ages, coming together to improve the lives of underserved boys in New York.”

Case in point, it was Board member Kathy Irwin’s 52nd BCNY dance, but the first for Caryn Zucker and Danielle Ganek’s teen daughters Elizabeth and Zoe.

Guests included board chair Bill Tyree; dance Vice Chairs Carolina de Neufville, Francesca Del Balzo, Ferebee Taube and Sara Zilkha, and guests Travis and Nick Aquavella, Eleanor and Morgan Dejoux, Gabrielle and Louis Bacon, Jackie Williams, Lee Ainslie, Tyler Schiff, Kristin Allen, Sara and Charlie Ayres, Lisa and Donald Jackson, Alexandra Robertson, Hilary and Lyon Polk, Marina Purcell, Alex Roepers, Carol Mack, Jamie Tisch, Serena Boardman, Burwell and Chip Schorr, Caroline and Tom Dean, Elizabeth Lindemann, Marcia and Richard Mishaan, Audrey and Martin Gruss, Kelly and Gerry Pasciucco, Renee Rockefeller, and Nathalie Kaplan.

The party sold out in August and raised a record breaking $1.3 million dollars. Ritchey attributed the success to her co-chairs and board members: “When you are all friends, you inspire each other to work a little harder.”


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