Why You Need to Vote in the Primary Tomorrow

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


“This whole project of self-government only works if everybody’s doing their part,” Barack Obama said the other day in the speech that marked his re-emergence in the political arena. “Don’t tell me your vote doesn’t matter.”  Most New Yorkers can be forgiven if, in fact, they think their votes don’t matter much at all.  Our city’s voting patterns are so reliably left-of-center that it’s a wonder state and national candidates even bother to campaign here, and no wonder at all why Donald Trump now stays away, across the river, in Bedminster, though it’s not quite the MAGA heartland.

So when it comes to local races, primaries are actually the only elections that matter here, and with all due respect to Duchess County’s Marcus Molinaro, the presumptive GOP candidate, it’s near-certain that the winner of the race for the Democratic Party line for Governor of New York State will be governing our state next year.  AVENUE’s editors are eagerly awaiting the results, as our 2018 Power List, sometimes known as our annual A-List, will be sent to the printer as part of our October Power Elite issue within hours of the declaration of the winner.  And we have but one spot in its ex officio category for the candidate–the incumbent Andrew Cuomo or insurgent Cynthia Nixon–who will become our fearless leader and a happy part-time resident of glorious Albany in 2019.  

So your vote really matters this time.  Who will make the A-list?  You decide. We’ll report.  


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