You Don’t Have to Work from Home!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018
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Where will you have your next Hamptons board meeting?


A show of hands: How many AVENUE readers have gotten off the train in Southampton on a summer Friday and made a beeline for the nearby Southampton Social Club?

Now—how many have done that in January?

The Hamptons: A place for harried New Yorkers to disconnect during the summer, but not a place that disconnects from the rest of society in the offseason. Now, meeting your neighbors and exchanging ideas just got a lot easier, as the Social Club is being transformed into The Spur. The winter popup is the East End’s first co-working space, “built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs,” offering a number of memberships options. 

The Spur seeks to bring together creative-types across the Hamptons, both locals and second homeowners who venture out after Labor Day Weekend. In keeping with the East End’s sometimes quirky nature—this is the place where it’s tradition to use a turnip in place of a softball at the annual Artists & Writers Game—it’s only fitting that one of the area’s top nightclubs is now a nightclub slash networking space. Or, to put it in millennial terms: It’s Bumble meets Bumble Bizz, IRL.

According to The Spur’s website:

“Our mission is to bring together the creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs across The Hamptons. By providing a central hub for us to work (and play), we will provide all the essential resources to help you grow your ideas and businesses.”

The Hamptons burgeoning small-business scene—especially the arts—is alive year-round. So, whether the name stems from the nearby LIRR; or as a way to encourage—nay, spur— creativity and artistic endeavors, we’re on board with more Hamptons, all the time.


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