Zucker Hosts CNN’s Night Out With Fox News

by Michael Gross Photographed by Donald Bowers
Friday, July 28, 2017

CNN boss Jeff Zucker can’t be that worried about his job, or Fox News as earlier this week, he took time off to host a launch party at Atlantic Grill for Emmy-nominated <i>New Day</i> co-host Alisyn Camerota and her debut novel, Amanda Wakes Up, at which stars of his network and its right-wing rival mixed and mingled.

The book was written, says Camerota’s publisher, “to process issues in her own life, such as the role of the media, the changing landscape of cable news, what ‘truth’ is, and the daily struggles of journalists to get it right in a ratings-driven climate.

Guests included TV partner-in-crime Chris Cuomo, Joy Behar, Poppy Harlow and Katie Bolduan. Other TV newsers in attendance included Early Start co-hosts Christine Romans and Dave Briggs, Mediaite founder Dan Abrams, John Berman, Don Lemon, Brian Stelter, Margaret Hoover, John Avlon of The Daily Beast, New Day executive producer Javi Morgado and morning vp Izzy Povich, Great Big Story chief Andrew Morse, HLN chief Ken Jautz, and many others.

The book follows Amanda Gallo, an up-and-coming reporter who lands her dream job as the anchor of a cable news morning show, only to find her ambitions and her love life turned upside down by, among other things, her daily 3:00 AM wake-up call.

Though her gig gives her a big salary and a fashion budget, she must juggle her exhausting routine, newfound stardom (and the social media firestorms that come with it), and a pompous womanizing co-anchor—not to mention deeper struggles about her own identity, what it means to be a good journalist, and how to ensure fair and objective reporting. This is fake news with the ring of truth.


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