by Debbie Bancroft Photographed by Jill Kargman
Friday, January 1, 2016

Swelled with holiday cheer, family love (or angst), libations and the prospect of a fresh new year, we are inspired to vow resolutions. Perhaps they’re never carried out—but are at least expressed—so here are some, from our interesting friends:

Peter Som

To trust my instincts, be kinder to myself, take one day at a time, take a leap of faith, do more yoga and learn how to make croissants.

Ivana Lowell

I need to spend more time with my family and close friends. I think that with all the unsettling events going on around the world, it makes one want to stay close to home, and to really appreciate the ones we love, while we still can.

Darren Walker

I resolve to be more grateful and question the sources of my privilege. There is just too much inequality in our country for me to ignore the many ways I have benefited while others have not.

Ann Pasternak

I resolve to bring in new artists to the Brooklyn Museum, to activate the collection and to inspire.

Beth DeWoody

My resolution is to follow through with my resolutions.

Jill Kargman

My New Year’s resolution is to watch more TV. I’m so behind, and my friends are getting annoyed at me for not seeing #!@$! yet.

Tony Blair

To spend more time in Britain.

Anne McNally

Not to have unattainable goals, like go to the gym every day, never drink again, and so on . . . In one wordto be reasonable.

David Paterson

To pick up the phone less.

Pauline Pitt

Bide my own time and not go to the opening of an envelope.

Bronson Van Wyck

To spend more time with my godchildren. I have a small army of them—5 official ones, 10 if you count their siblings who have adopted me. (In 2015, fairy godfathers are even more in demand than fairy godmothers!) The wisdom of children can usually show us the way, and after spending time with these kids, I realize the more I think like a nine-year-old, the wiser I become.

Mike Tyson

I’ve never made a resolution and I won’t start now.

Photos by; Blair and Tyson: ©Patrick McMullan.


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